The Project: Create a platform to sit underwater for visitors to stand on in the pool whilst having a dolphin swim experience.

Client Wanted: A platform structure in the pool without any harm or interference to the dolphins living in the pool. Platform had to be easily accessed by people entering the pool. The platform had to be level and constructed out of material designed for specific marine use. The client called on engineers to design the structure to sit level on a pool which does not have a flat level bottom.

Our Solution: Construction of the platform on ground in an area not accessed by visitors. As the pool is not the same overall each leg of the platform needed to be made to suit its position within the pool. The finished platform was lowered into position whilst trainers kept the curious Dolphins busy. A very enjoyable and rewarding project to be part of.

The Result: An effective and well used structure allowing many visitors to share a special moment in the water with the Dolphins.

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Dolphin Marine Magic’s swim platform is a very unique structure, the materials used had to withstand the effects that standing in salt water 24/7, 365 days a year can have. The structure needed to be designed and built in a manner that reduced any potential injuries our dolphins might sustain should there be sharp edges or areas where the animals could get trapped. Houston Construction listened to what we needed and built a structure that met our demands. The platform has now been in use for over a year and is working well. Our animals are happy to greet guests standing on the platform and the workmanship is outstanding. Thanks to the Houston Construction Team for taking the time to listen to our needs and building a quality structure we will use for years.

Dolphin Marine Magic