The Project: Ensuite renovation. Existing ensuite was tired and dated, with some water damage over the years. The hand basin was small and hard to make use of. The shower was hard to access with a three panel glass screen and a tiled hob. Shower rose was fixed with no personal adjustment. Lighting was by a two globe directional light and a window of obscure glass. Movement within the ensuite was limited and gave a cramped appearance. Toiletries were catered for by hanging a caddy on the shower and either on the bench or underneath in the cupboard. Much of this adding to a cluttered look and feel.
Client Wanted: Better use of the space available. Open feel with ventilation and a new modern style.

Our Solution: Remove shower screen, vanity and toilet pan, floor and wall tiles, exhaust fan over the shower and the window to present a blank canvas in which to reconfigure amenities. Installation of a Louvre window for light and ventilation as well as a central light/fan/heater to the ceiling. Retile the floor and walls without a shower hob gave a clean line, installation of adjustable shower rose and short frameless shower screen to give a fresh open feel. Inclusion of recessed toiletries nook in the shower and cabinet hidden behind the mirror deals with the day to day storage of items. Toilet pan position was changed to allow better access and not feel cramped. Client chose a Glass top hanging vanity giving a slick trendy and smooth finish to the bathroom. Inclusion of a two way opening bathroom door.

The Result: Fresh, clean, modern, functional, open style bathroom; Allowing for product storage, and easy access to all facilities.



What a great experience - a well-coordinated flow of highly skilled tradies who paid great attention to detail. I appreciated that they consulted me on things like the exact height of the shower and the position of the recesses. In addition, David not only made sure that the work progressed smoothly, but checked on the quality of work and progress each day. This made me feel confident that I was going to get the outcomes I had hoped for.
What more can you ask for? Tradies who are friendly, respect your home, protect your carpets with drop sheets and who clean up after themselves? Yes, I got that as well.
So thank you, David and all the members of the Houston Construction team, for an excellent job. The ensuite is just what I wanted and better than I could have imagined.

Angela V